Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Piper's Birth

My pregnancy with Piper couldn't have gone any better.  Well, I could have done without some nausea in the beginning but it wasn't bad compared to what some endure.  I enjoyed being pregnant.  I loved feeling her move inside me.  I didn't get really uncomfortable until about the last month.  I think I gained about 25 pounds.  I didn't seem to gain much in my face, which I did with the other two.  This time I didn't have a big appetite.  I actually didn't crave much and didn't really feel like eating a whole lot.  I didn't feel sick.  It was just that nothing sounded good to me.  I did NOT want Subway.  I definitely had more food aversions then cravings.  I ate a lot of salad and baked potatoes, fruit, and yogurt with granola.  For some reason, those things always sounded good to me.  Meat was not appealing to me at all.  I didn't really have back pain either.  My back actually hurt more when I wasn't pregnant.  Probably having better posture and sleeping on my side rather than my stomach helped my back not hurt.  I did have to pee a lot though.  Overall, my pregnancy was great.  I loved being pregnant. 

Piper was 3 months old yesterday.  The past 3 three months have really gone fast despite the crying.  Piper was born on November 5, 2012 at 5:14pm.  (My due date was on the 8th)  My water broke at about 6:15am that morning.  It really surprised me because my water never broke with Grace or Lyla.  I wasn't actually sure if my water broke or not.  I went ahead and got Grace and Lyla up for school and did everything to get them out the door.  I didn't tell them we might be having a baby today!  As I went about my business it became apparent that my water had indeed broken.  My contractions had not started though. 

When the girls left for school I called my doctor and she said it sounded like my water did break and I should just go on into the hospital.  Since my contractions had not started, I went ahead and took a shower, fixed my hair and put on makeup.  After I had done all of that and had my bag ready, I laid down on the couch to see if I could feel any contractions.  I did but they were pretty weak.  We went ahead and left for the hospital around 10am.  By the time we were checked in and in a room it was 11:45am.  Dr. Crowe stopped by around 12:30pm.  Beulah got there and we walked the hallways from 12:50-1:30pm.  This is when the contractions really started to kick in.  By the time we stopped walking the contractions were getting to where I couldn't talk through it.  When we got back to the room I got in the shower.  The shower was great.  It really helped distract from the pain.  I would have stayed in the shower the whole time but they kept making me get out every 45 minutes to monitor me. The last time I got in the shower was at 3pm.  When they made me get out the next time the contractions were really, really strong.  While I was in the shower I was managing it.  But as soon as I hit that bed to be monitored and a contraction hit, I couldn't handle it.  It was intense.  The contractions were coming about a minute and a half apart.  The part that made it even harder was that in between the contractions it still hurt really bad because I could feel her moving inside of me.  Every move she made hurt like crazy.  I started not handling it well and I think I started holding my breath maybe.  At this point things started getting fuzzy.  I couldn't open my eyes during a contraction.  Then they made me put on an oxygen mask and they wouldn't let me get back in the shower.  I wasn't progressing too quickly at this point.  I had been around the 8-9 mark the last two times they checked me.  That was discouraging and I started to feel like I couldn't make it.  I started asking if I could get an epidural.  I know I wasn't thinking very clearly.  I kept saying it needs to be over and can I get an epidural.  I don't think I really wanted an epidural but the pain was so intense I wasn't focusing and breathing like I had practiced.  I couldn't pull it together because there was never a break in pain to regain my composure.  So, as soon as I started asking for an epidural, they got that guy in there immediately.  He was quick.  I got the epidural at 4:05pm.  By 5pm I was as a 10.  I pushed through 4 contractions and out she came at 5:14pm.  It was interesting that this time I could feel her coming underneath my pelvis bone.  The pressure of her moving, without the pain.  I had no trouble pushing and just had one small tear that required one stitch.  Everything went smoothly once she was out. 

Piper weighed 7lbs 3.4oz and was 19.25 inches long.  She had light colored hair like Lyla but looked like both Grace and Lyla.  She wanted to suck as soon as she was born.  She latched on to me very quickly and easily.  She also got her two middle fingers in her mouth to suck on immediately too.  Mom brought Grace and Lyla to meet Piper while we were still in the delivery room.  Everyone thought she was beautiful, of course.  They couldn't believe they had a baby sister.  Joni also came with Reesi and Elye.  Joni said that on the way out of the hospital that night Elye asked her "when is Piper going to grow up so I can have my baby bed back?"

When we were ready to move to our post-partum room I was actually nursing.  I kept nursing the whole way up to our room while riding in a wheel chair.  Piper never came off.  She was a great nurser from the start!  Once we were settled in our room, the nurse came and bathed Piper right in front of us in our room.  Grace and Lyla were taken to the nursery for their first baths.  That was nice to be there for the bath.  She screamed the whole time but I just kept smiling.  She was so adorable.

The hospital now has very soft swaddle blankets (different from when I had Grace and Lyla).  She was so cuddly in that swaddle.  That little head got a million kisses, I know. 

The next day we had a lot of visitors.  The girls had the day off of school, just by chance.  So my mom brought them to the hospital and Julie and Easton came too.  Grace and Lyla figured out that they liked lying skin to skin with Piper.  They would take their shirts off and put her on their chests and cover up with a blanket. 

The other visitors we had were Chris Smith, from church, Stephanie Scott, Shannon Nelson, Darla Gray, Dan and Amy Spann, and Jonathon Mankin.

The doctors figured out that I had tested positive for Group B Strep while I was pregnant but they didn't see it in my chart until after the delivery.  They were supposed to have given me an antibiotic during labor but they didn't.  So, we had to stay in the hospital a full 48 hours from the time of delivery to monitor Piper for any signs of infection in her.  So we didn't get to leave until 5:30pm on Wednesday evening.  She showed any signs of infection.

Looking back on the labor and delivery, I do wish I could have made it the whole way without an epidural.  I wish I could have gotten back in the shower.  I wonder if that would have made a difference.  But, the epidural did make the end more pleasant for sure!  And because she was born pretty soon after getting it, she didn't get too much exposure to the medicine.  She was VERY alert and stayed awake a long time after delivery.  And she nursed right away.  I don't know if her alertness had anything to do with the her not getting too much pain medicine but "they" say babies are more alert and eager to nurse when moms don't get the epidural. 

In the end, we had a healthy baby and a safe delivery.  We couldn't ask for anything better! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Grace's Girls Rock Party

Grace's friend party was a "Girl's Rock" party.  This was all Joni's idea.  Grace was upset that she wasn't going to have a party, other than with family.  I didn't feel like I could put the time and money into it.  Joni came up with this idea.  We borrowed the singing studio items and Joni brought her karoke microphone and played music from her ipod for us.  The girls put on make-up, pink hairspray and tatoos.  Then they walked the red carpet while Joni announce them and then they danced and sang to the music inside.  Then they made t-shirts and had pizza and cake and ice cream.  After all of that they watched High School Musical.  Some girls spent the night and some went home.  Grace thought it was a great success and I think all of the girls had fun.  I'm glad Grace was happy with her party!

100th Day of School

This is Lyla as a 100 year old!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Grace is 9!

My first baby turned 9 in January! It doesn't seem possible. It doesn't seem possible that I am not a young mom with toddlers and preschoolers anymore. She is big. She can wear a woman's size 6 shoe! She'll be wearing my shoes in another year or 2. But, she's growing into a sweet, beautiful, caring young lady. She has the sweetest spirit and heart for everyone in her life. She truly cares about you and your feelings. She is still a very serious thinker. She analyzes things and worries about things. I try to teach her healthy ways to deal with her worries and she listens and tries her best. But, as much as she thinks about things, she also likes to be silly and have fun. She can be very girly and then go outside and be adventurous and explore the river. She is a good eater that is willing to try new things. But, she loves her sweets!

Here is my interview with her. I typed her exact words. My words are in bold letters.

Favorite food: ice cream
Favorite thing to do on Saturdays: explore on Papoo's farm and go to the river with Dad
Favorite show to watch: Good Luck Charlie, Spongebob and Hannah Montana
What do you want to be when you grow up? a babysitter when I can, a teacher when I get older
Why do you want to be a teacher? Because it would be fun to teach kids stuff.
What is your favorite animal? dog
How do you feel about your sister? Slightly annoying sometimes but very sweet and nice.
How can we make the world a better a place? Use less machines so it doesn't pollute.
What is important to you? My family, Jingle Bell, my life, my friends, my school
What do you like to do for fun? During the summer, probably swim and go to the beach. If it's normal outside, like springtime, I like to jump on the trampoline and go exploring.
What is your favorite toy? My American Girl dolls
How would you describe yourself? I would describe myself as playful. Funny. Kind. Adventurous.
Why do you like to sleep with Lyla? I can sleep by myself too but sleeping with Lyla, it just makes me feel really close to her, which I am.
Is there anything about yourself you would like to change? I wish I would never worry. I wish I had the longest hair in the world.
Where is your favorite place to go? Somewhere on a vacation or Mimi and Papoo's house and the mall. The mall? Mom, there is Build a Bear Workshop, there's the play area, there's cookies. And I do like looking for clothes. It's a happy place. Only when you have money to spend. Yeah, true.

At her check-up she weighed 67 pounds and was 55 inches tall. She no longer has to ride in a booster seat!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sweet Sisters

Grace and Lyla sleep together most nights. They are harder to get to sleep when they are together but I like that they feel close to each other. I want them to stay as close as possible through those mean teenage years. I'm hoping this early bonding time will help a little. The other morning when I went in to wake them up they were sleeping face to face. Pretty sweet.

When we need to contain Lyla......

Friday, February 17, 2012

Grace's Family Party

We had Grace's family birthday party on the Saturday after her birthday. Mom, Dad, Joni, and Julie and all of the kids came. Unfortunately, Eric's parents couldn't make it. Grace and Lyla were sad about that. The kids had fun being crazy and playing. They started "dancing" and being silly. I got some silly pictures of that. Reesi is a wild woman! Little Easton was a hoot too. He really likes his Lyla. She is good at playing with him and paying attention to him. Grace got a real diaper bag with real baby stuff in it from Mimi and Papoo. She asked for that to play with her baby doll. Julie gave her a new canopy baby doll bed. Joni gave her a bunch of hair accessories. She wears them just about every day. She also got a couple of books but I missed who they were from. She had a Rapunzel cake and we bought Subway sandwiches for dinner. That is what she wanted. She loves Subway. So, it was a good evening. My little girl is getting so big and I don't want to accept that she's really 9 years old! I'll do a post soon about what Grace is like at this age.